We know that Latin American Food Catering service are popular near you; Empanadas, Tacos, and Ceviche have taken a turn for popularity over the years. We understand the demand for this food. This holiday season, let us provide the best Hispanic Food catering service for you. The stress is not worth it when you have someone who understands precisely what you and your guest need this season.

When it comes to our homemade Food Catering Service, we provide the best services available. It is unique, healthy, and a tasty option for parties, offices, and all kinds of different events.


Homemade catering services could consist of many different things; however, our food catering services consist of Hispanic food when it comes to FoodRockett. Going with a homemade catering service could be more eventful than a big corporate catering service because it can be a more tasty, healthy, and affordable Catering Option.

We offer Asian fusion blended foods and Hispanic food catering options at Foodrockett, which makes us more of an outstanding homemade catering service, as well as we provide different kinds of Hispanic food from ceviche to tacos.


When Hosting an Event...

a homemade catering service could take the pressure off of your hands because it is affordable and healthy food catering and will save you lots of time on preparing food. When hosting an event that needs food, we often lose track of everything that has to be done when going with the office, party, and event catering.



A homemade CATERING SERVICE would consist of homemade food; we service Latin food at FOODROCKETT. We have homemade Hispanic food catering options, a homemade catering service such as ours provides a great alternative to home-cooked food because it is homemade.

There are various corporate catering options; however, going with the more corporate approach could be bland most of the time because the food is something we see every day or is mass-produced. When selecting a homemade catering option, the food is often unique and affordable for having a party or even that needs catering. 


Our catering service is a unique way of food catering because the food is not generic or typically seen every day.

At FoodRockett, we have many different kinds of catering options. We offer Hispanic Food options that are affordable and homemade. Our other catering options consist of different dishes that originated from various Latino American countries. At Food Rocket, we understand that when it comes to parties and events that need catering, consumers want different kinds of food, not always the same kind of food.

We take out the time it would take to cook your food and the headache that comes with that task. Our homemade options are an excellent alternative for when you want a home-cooked meal without the time it takes to cook the meal. Our Latin Food options are great for when you do not know what to eat and are in the mood for something new and unique.


At FoodRockett, we are not only a company that serves lunch to hungry patrons. We also offer a variety of catering services. We provide event catering for many different events and, most importantly, offer affordable catering service. We understand how draining cooking could be for all your guests when hosting an event is precisely why we provide food for your events.

Our three different packages all contain low Latin food, with various options; we offer three other catering options because not every event needs the same amount of food. How many people would depend on which catering package best suits your event? Our first package is a small catering package that accommodates up to fifteen people.


The medium catering package accommodates up to fifty people, We offer the best options for our clients. Our options consist of tropical Latin food. Hispanic food catering is hard to find because of how amazing the food is to run into. All of our packages have the same options; the only difference is the quantity of the food. Depending on what package is selected to determine how much food is needed.

Our full-service catering consist of many different types of Latin food, such as shrimp and fish ceviche, beef, chicken, and shrimp empanadas and tacos, as well as hibachi fried rice. We offer the best Latin food catering; however, we do not only provide good food, but we also provide the best homemade lemonades with our very own twist. The lemonades we have to offer all have a topical Latin twist.


A large catering package accommodates a group of fifty or more people. When choosing us for food catering, we want our clientele to truly feel as if they are in Latino America eating and drinking authentic Latin American food. The fusion lemonades that we offer consist of lime, coconut, mango, and strawberry; we included these flavors because these are tropical fruits and give the authentic taste of Latin America. Last but not least we offer dessert.

We cannot forget about dessert. We offer a cake flan, and this cake is a well-known Latin American custard dessert that many people enjoy around the globe. Having various options is essential when offering catering services; we offer the best Hispanic food catering at food rocket. We understand that our clients need the options, so we provide them.

There are many factors to consider when catering your events; however, when you cater your events with us, we make sure to give you a real taste of Latino America. We provide Hispanic food catering services that are high-quality food that you would receive in a restaurant. We eliminate the stress of cooking when it comes to your event or party that needs catering. When you are hosting an event, the least of your troubles should be food; food brings people together, not further apart by the time-consuming hassle it is to provide the food.


A delicious traditional Hispanic cuisine that is friend turnover with the consistency of chicken, beef, or cheese inside. Every Bite has a taste of the Latin American culture, a stuffed bread that is enjoyed all over Latin America.  An empanada is a simple dish that can be enjoyed as a meal or as a quick snack for on the go.


The only raw fish we ever hear about is sushi. What about ceviche, the classic Peruvian dish that has been enjoyed by many for centuries. Ceviche is a Peruvian delicacy that consists of either fish or shrimp; however, the cuisine is prepared raw. The dish is delicious; however, it is tough to make because the fish is raw; despite this, the plate is a one-of-a-kind delicacy.


Tacos have become very popular at FoodRockett. Tacos are a traditional Mexican cuisine that consists of many different things such as beef, chicken, or shrimp. Our tacos are made for beyond satisfaction and guaranteed happiness in every bite. We perfected our taco recipe for joy in every taste with an even flavor of vegetables, seasonings, and meat.


Hibachi fried rice is our signature fried rice that consists of chicken, beef, shrimp, and vegetables. The hibachi fried rice is made on a grill with Asian and Latino food seasonings. The hibachi fried rice bursts with flavors in every bite, wondering whether the edge is Asian or Latino seasoning.


Flan is a custard cake topped with a syrup that has an unforgettable taste, flan is excellent for when you don’t know if you want gelatin or cake because of the cake’s consistency. Every Bite of flan will make you feel as if you are sitting down in your abuela’s kitchen.


Lemonade is typically a lemon citrus drink, but what better way to kick off the holiday than our unique homemade lemonades. The homemade lemonades offer a variety of tastes, whether you enjoy citrus or berry fusion. Everyone has a different taste. We wanted to provide our customers with all of the likes of tropical Latino beverages. Our lemonades consist of blended flavors with mango, coconut, lime, and strawberry.

Cooking Food Can Become Overwhelming Very Quickly

Many people have not tried ceviche due to its complexity and the fact that this is a traditional dish to the south American country of Peru. The plate is a rare sight to come around and not offered in many other Spanish catering companies. We offered this option because we wanted the authenticity of Latino American catering. 

The only way to have authentic Hispanic food catering is to provide authentic Hispanic food dishes such as ceviche, tacos, and empanadas. We are indeed a Hispanic food catering company; however, we are limited to catering Hispanic food. We also offer Asian fusion blended catering dishes such as hibachi fried rice; the hibachi fried rice is a great catering option because we have Asian and Hispanic flavorings inside this specific dish.

Homemade Latin Food Catering Services is the way to go with these foods you would typically find in someone’s kitchen. You can now order for your party when you need catering. That is the touch that everyone loves when it comes to affordable catering services.

We cannot forget about dessert. We offer a cake flan, and this cake is a well-known Latin American custard dessert that many people enjoy around the globe. Having various options is essential when offering catering services; we offer the best Hispanic food catering at food rocket. We understand that our clients need the options, so we provide them.


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